Entry 7

As long as you only have passion you’ll never see change. You must enact somehow that passion into the world you live in. If you can’t or are otherwise prevented from acting in the way that will make change do what you can to channel your passion to inspire those who can and will make the change you wish and know needs to be done. Sometimes it takes the passion of you to inspire the person behind you to make all the changes you want but never knew how to do, so keep the fire burning and let it warm you, let it brighten your world for those come into it will be allowed to see all that you need one day.

Alexi was still feeling the after effect of his encounter with the Anubia. It had been an entire day and his body was still tense, his heart rate still jumped when sounds crept up on him. Everything about his mind felt fractured. Echo had done their best to assure him that scans showed they were safe, Shade had even tried to prove it by sniffing around and detecting nothing.

“One got behind us like that, for all we know they are stalking us still Echo.” Alexi explained. His eyes scanning his surroundings. The whirl sound response came off as a bit rude. The accusations that their scans were wrong hurt Echo’s feelings. Alexi heard and realized what he said. “Sorry buddy, I’m just…I’ve never felt so scared before.” Echo beeped accepting the apology, hovering near their friend but quickly spun when a faint sound filled the air. All three looked around for the source of the sound and found it too quickly. It had been a while but they returned. The Emerald flares, screaming in the sky and marking the return of Alexi’s stalker.

“Great, time we head out it seems!” Alexi groaned, picking up his pack and grabbing the revolver out of his holster and breaking into a run with the other two in pursuit. A small part of Alexi wondered why didn’t they stay and fight or even head toward the flares, but the rest of his mind reminded itself why- the first time they did, a while back, before meeting Echo, they nearly died.


It was in a ruined city, one near the small area Alexi had found Echo by accident, the Emerald Flares filled the air and along with them was the sounds of gunfire. The sounds of gunfire echoing off the remains of buildings long destroyed, hanging together by the sheer spite of time. Not many would know who was fighting on the outside, but in the city it was obviously something personal. You didn’t engage in firearm combat in cities like this one, at least not unless you were inviting trouble.

Alexi jumped over the remains of a truck and took cover as ricocheting bullets hit the vehicle he used as cover.

“I swear, I stumble into a city, don’t even do anything yet. Then I get attacked! What the ever loving hell?” His voice rang while he reloaded his revolver. On the ground at his feet were two more pistols, unloaded clips between his feet near them. Finishing the one gun reloading he returns it to his holster and picked up one the pistols, grabbing a clip from his backpack and reloading and doing the same to the other. The shots coming at him ceased for a moment, so he counted to three and got to his feet, turning for a moment to look around behind the truck. Not seeing anyone right away his eyes peered harder trying to find any edge of someone’s body while they hid. A shadow, anything. Nothing though.

He prepared to turn and run but then he heard it, a crack and then the sound of something breaking and falling from above, bringing both pistols up to bare opening fire at the source of the sound, his shots hitting their mark, the body falling from it’s perch above in a window. Landing with a loud thud he ran to it. Examining it. A rifle clutched in it’s hands, the body was flayed it seemed. The redness of muscle instead of skin.

“What the fuck!?” He exclaimed. A shot rang out from somewhere and nearly hit him, “Oh well, no time to figure it out!” He added, grabbing the rifle and checking the ammo it had left. “Alright 5 shots. Good enough. Time to go!” Turning to run he hurtled over the truck again and then down the street dodging shots as they came for him.

Finding a building that wasn’t sealed up, Alexi rushed in and found cover.

“Sure, leave home. It’ll be great! You had to go and be a petty dipshit, you and your girlfriend get into a small spat, and because you didn’t like what she said you decide to pack your shit and travel outside the safe zone. She is too good for your dumb ass.” He scolds himself under his breath. His focus changing when he heard voices. Speaking in a language he couldn’t understand but he knew orders when he heard them. Whoever pursued him was near, and they were gonna find him if he didn’t act fast. Looking around he tried to find anything. It was then he found a container nearby.

“I mean…not like I have any better options.” He reluctantly sighed, rolling to it, checking to see if it was full and seeing the dial, it was. He looked out the door he ran in through and noticed a few of those pursuers standing there looking around for him. He cranked the nozzle beneath the dial all the way and hefted it before hurtling it hard as he could, watching as it landed near the others. Their reaction was instantly to turn and examine it, while their backs were to him, he quickly stood and aimed his pistol, closing his eyes and squeezing the trigger he fired. The resulting explosion threw him through the building, slamming him hard into a back wall and dropping to the floor. Above him debris impaled itself into that wall. If he were awake at the time he’d probably have made some joke about how that could have turned him into cheese but instead the explosion had knocked him out.

Leaving him there unconscious for a few hours. His head stung and his whole body ached when he came to.

“Ugh, never…doing that, again. Explosions not a good idea.” He grunted. “Good thing I can still hear myself speak so hearing’s not ruined.” He continued. “Jaw hurts a bit but can still move it.” Slowly getting to his feet, his shoulders felt heavy as if he ran a marathon. “Damn, I seriously must have hit that wall,” he began turning to see it, seeing all the impaled debris, his eyes widened. “…fuck. How did I not die?” Deciding to not think too long on it, he gathered his things and slowly moved outside, he found the crater from where he shot the canister making the explosion originally. No signs of the bodies that he probably burned to a crisp though. His eyes scanned the surroundings, ears listening to for any sounds of ambush, nothing.

He barely took a few steps into the street before he saw it.

“Run Wanderer! Run before your fate catches you. Emerald fire lights the skies to mark the herald of your demise. Return to where you sinned!” Written in something crimson, Alexi hoped not blood but he didn’t want to exactly find out. Who wrote this, when did they? Was he the Wanderer it referred to? Sinned? It didn’t make sense. His gaze shot to the sky and the green flares had faded but for how long. He shouldn’t have gone to examine them the first time. He should have continued his journey. Those things were trouble and now it looked like he might be wrapped up in it. Tightening his grip on the strap for his backpack he turned and started walking. He didn’t know where he’d go but anywhere but this city. Maybe the next town over would be better.



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